Hacienda Ixtafiayuca
Firefly sanctuary
Nancamilpa, Tlaxcala, Mexico


Question: When is the firefly season?

Answer: Generally the season is from the last week of June until the first week of August. Each year the Secretary of Tourism publishes an estimate of the dates for the start and the finish of the season. Because it is a natural event, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE. Things that can effect the season are sudden climate changes, no rain, no humidity, strong winds, temperature variations and frequent human activity (excess of car lights, noise, air contamination etc.) However in exceptionally good years the temporada has been from April until October.

Question: What is a firefly? how long do they live? What do they look like?

Answer: See the page: What is a firefly?

Question: Do fireflies bite?

Answer: NO. Fireflies are inofensive insects and do not hurt humans in any way or form.

Question: Is is possible to see the fireflies and get back home in one day?

Answer: Not in the case of Hacienda Ixtafiayuca.

Question: Are tours just to the firefly sanctuary avaiable?

Answer: Not in the case of Hacienda Ixtafiayuca.

Question: How is transport arranged?

Answer: Just about all visitors arrive in their own car. They also go to the sanctuary in their own cars. For ecological reasons we try and promote the sharing of cars as far as possible. If you want to arrive in public transport you should let us know when you reserve so we can arrange public transport.

Question: Is it cold at the fireply sanctuary?

Answer: Yes, it can be very cold. It can also rain frequently. We recommend that you dress for the cold, use gloves, hat and a scarf. The temperature can be as low as 5 degrees. A good idea is to bring an umbrella and waterproof clothing.

Question: How do I get to the Hacienda?

Answer: See How to get to the Hacienda.

Question: What time do I need to arrive?

Answer: We recommend you arrive for lunch at 14:00 hrs.

Question: Do children pay?

Answer: Yes, chidren of more than 4 years old pay the same as an adult, as we offer a all included concept.

Question: Are pets welcome?

Answer: Pets are always welcome when you advise us beforehand, and owners are responsable for them and they do not annoy other visitors.

Question: Is the price per person?

Answer: Yes, the price is per person as we offer an all included concept.

Question: What are the available dates?

Answer: When the season gets closer availability runs out. Right now there is availability. We invite you to make your reservations and payments with anticipation. Due to the great demand, in general, two months before there is no availability.

Question: Does the price include the visit to the sanctuary?

Answer: Yes, está incluida la visita al Santuario a cada persona con reservación y pago.

Question: Is the sanctuary safe?

Answer: Yes, es muy seguro siempre y cuando se respeten las recomendaciones y el Reglamento. En caso de dudas recomendamos informarse debidamente.

Question: What kinds of food and drink are available?

Answer: See the page All included concept

Question: Can equiptment be rented?

Answer: No, all activities are in the all included concept and without cost, activities are only available for visitors with previous reservation and payment.

Question: Is Hacienda Ixtafiayuca open to the public?

Answer: No, unfortunately Hacienda Ixtafiayuca only operates for guests with a previous reservation and payment. The Hacienda is not open to the general public and visits are also not allowed. This applies to all days during the firefly season. For reasons of space and respect to the payed visitors with reservation we do not make exceptions. The Hacienda is exclusive only to guests who have payed their reservation beforehand.

Question: Are there cabañas?

Answer: No, the rooms are in an old Hacienda which is not a hotel. For large families and groups there are rooms available.

Question: Are there camping spaces?

Answer: No, the Hacienda does not offer services for camping.

Question: Can I get there using public transport?

Answer: Yes, we can send instructions on how to get to the Hacienda using public transport.

Question: What is the form of payment?

Answer: Please see the page Prices and form of payment.

Question: Can I pay on arrival?

Answer: NO, at the Hacienda we do not accept any form of payment.
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FAQ Hacienda Ixtafiayuca, Nanacamilpa

FAQ Hacienda Ixtafiayuca, Nanacamilpa

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Hacienda Ixtafiayuca - Firefly Sanctuary, Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala, Mexico

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